The KLZ agency was started in October of 1984 by Keith and Gerry McKee under the name McKee Transportation Inc.  They were joined by their daughter, Sue Brannum, in 1985 and by their daughter, Deb White, in 1992.  We can remember the days when what was then the Ranger offices had truck parking, because trucks came to the offices to wait for loads.  There were no cell phones, no computers, no tablets.  I know, hard to believe!  We all thought the fax machine was a real breakthrough and when pagers came out, wow!  Of course, you still had to get to a pay phone to call back.  It is amazing some days how things have changed.  Now we all have cell phones, bluetooth for hands free communication, laptops for portable business, tablets in case the laptop doesn't work.  Offices for the Landstar agents are in many places, a lot of them not accessible to trucks.  Trucks seldom see agents now, doing business by email, computer and phone.  Times change, but Landstar service remains the same.  Let us be your local connection for all your transportation needs.


Update:  Keith and Gerry retired in July of 2008.  They are well and are enjoying their old cars and planning to travel. Sue became the Independent Agent at KLZ in August of 2008.  Deb went home on disability in 2007 when the MS interfered with her ability to walk. She passed away April 9, 2013.